Karma’s a BITCH

So it turned out that the boyfriend and his cousin (the one who called me “substandard” before) are actually screwing around. Amazingly it doesn’t hurt as much anymore, maybe because he has done it so many times before. If you ask me what makes this one so special that I had to blog it? Because she’s the girl who called me substandard and I feel like karma did her job coz look who’s acting like one now. Well putting myself in her shoes, her love for the boyfriend must be overwhelming coz she took the risk, forgetting all her Catholic (yeah she regularly go to church, and note that it’s with the boyfriend sometimes) and family (yeah their family probably invented “close family ties”) values.

But the boyfriend begged me to keep it myself and not make a scandal. Oh well they should have thought about it before they jumped into the cliff. I am not making a scandal coz it is the truth and sooner or later they would have found themselves in this messed up scenario, I just made it happen earlier and caught them unprepared.

 We are talking to the lawyers this weekend again (oh yeah I did not blog the lawyer and family scenario last week), and I told him he has just given me a reason to take his son away from him. I don’t want my son raised with him as an example. I can’t really blame him coz that was how he probably was raised with his Dad (he is so like father like son by the way) as an example and I am not about to let that happen.

So wish me luck, it’s Han’s birthday this Saturday and baptismal on Sunday (yes I finally agreed that they baptize him as Catholic – can’t forget that Tito Bobot said that “What’s for the Lord should be for the Lord”), and it’s a tragedy that all of these is happening. But this is something that’s really bound to happen so it’s probably best that this is happening now while all that Xav can comprehend are just about his toys and Pocoyo.

Screenshots of conversations between the cousin and the boyfriend, as seen on his phone.

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