Reselling Xavy’s busha pants

Finally got the busha pants from one of my trusted online shop. They were on sale when I got them and I wasn’t sure how they’d fit with Xavy so I bought a lot.

These pants look really cute, you can’t resist those butts when your little one is wearing it. Perfect for Xav during night time, when he’s outdoors or travelling. Also when he starts walking, I will have to make him wear these so he doesn’t get scratches on his knees.

The image on the right is one of the items I received worn by my niece who is turning 2 years old this August. She’s wearing the size 80.

To make the long story short, some of the items were duplicates and some were to big for Xavy so I am reselling them for P100 bucks each – excluding shipping fee.

If we were together, I am selling it for P100 and will give you one month to pay for the item. If you’re in the city, you can pickup the items at my office. Very limited stocks only so please shoot me a message or comment if you are interested.

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