Baby Teething Essentials

One of the horrors of new moms is when your little one starts teething. I’ve heard various versions of teething horrors. But I was confident that Xav would do just fine and I didn’t really want to think about it until those little teeth start spurting.

And the day came. I was at work when Yaya texted me that Xav was having a slight fever. I’ve been a little worried for the past few days coz Xav has been pooing more often and it’s loose. And he’s been salivating more, putting his hand inside his mouth until he chokes and he’s been fuzzy at night. Since I haven’t made any changes to his routine and his milk, teething was the only possible cause. I asked my officemates how old their babies were when they started teething and majority of them answered 7 months. That was not very reassuring since Xav is only 5 months.

After some browsing, I found out that it could actually happen as early as 3 months. After a lot of reading, I found out that all those stuff I was worried about were actually signs that he’s teething. The slight fever, fussiness, biting behavior and pooing more often. I am hoping this first tooth comes up fast so we can start snapping photos.

So for your baby’s teething essentials, check this article out: Your Baby’s New Teeth – Baby Center. You might also need the following: Poly-Vi-Flor (bought it at Botica de San Francisco for P77) and Xylogel (from Rose Pharmacy for P152.72).

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