Busha pants from Krisette’s Good Finds

Now that I’ve got a little boy who’s growing each day, I’ve been browsing the net for baby essentials and clothing, searching all over the world wide web where I could get wholesale items and possibly starting an online shop when I have more time in my hands and most importantly, the money.

Busha pants is one of the infant/toddler essentials that’s buzzing on the online stores and since I’ve never had one when I was a baby, I’m curious and I wanna get one for my little boy. I was browsing at alvababy.com for wholesale on this item, but before making a decision on whether I should order, I want to try it first.

Fortunately, I happen to checkout a highschool batchmate’s website – Joys of Motherhood and found out that Krisette’s Good Finds is giving away 6 busha pants of my choosing, I could not resist joining. This is the first time I’m actually joining these contests online and I am crossing my fingers I win.

If you’re like me but more eager to grab one of these busha pants for your little one, you can check out Krisette’s Good Finds. Krisette’s Good Finds actually has other items for your babies too, and at a very affordable price.

Krisette’s Good Finds‘ location is 652 St. Jude Village, Alfonso Concepcion, Tarlac. You can contact the seller at the numbers: +63 917 534-3066 and +63 932 871-7902 or send her an email at krisettejoypunsalan@yahoo.com.

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