Trip Rockstar – Bali, Indonesia

People are gearing up for the Bali trip this September. I’ve been getting all this “spam” emails about the itinerary and which tourist destinations are included in that itinerary. I wish them luck, whoever gets to win that trip. AQ told me that I should come along, aammm, unlikely coz I’m still on the process of getting that passport and I doubt if I can leave my little boy just yet. But I really would love to go, seriously, maybe some other time.

It’s amazing how the company has managed to continue the annual trip to Asian countries for the really deserving agents. I believe this is the third year that they are doing this trip thingy. Sucks for us support group coz we are not part of the whole thing. We sit in the darkness, waiting for nothing. LOL. I’m being overly dramatic.

But truth be told, I super love my job. Despite the crappiness that the day sometimes can bring,  I would not trade this job with any of my previous jobs. I love my Boss, he’s the best ever, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s also gwapo. LOL.

So back to Bali, I’m not quite sure what this is actually but some kind of Bali themed “sleeping lounge”. Probably to motivate the agents more about the trip. In case you’re clueless about what’s waiting in Bali for you, check this video out: Top 5 Attractions – Bali, Indonesia.

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