Peanut butter – Pinoy style

There are lots of things sold in Mom’s office. Clothes, perfumes, lotions and accessories, and of course food! One is the infamous peanut butter, kind’a pricey at 60 bucks but hey, you get a month to pay for it.

Now if you’re curious how it’s made, here’s the recipe on how to make peanut butter – pinoy style.

Ingredients & materials:
1 kilo roasted peanuts, shelled
1 ½ cup sugar or use muscovado sugar
1 ½ tbsp salt
1 cup cooking oil or use corn oil
Food blender
All available at your nearest supermarket.

1. Remove the red skin from the peanuts.
2. If you want chunky peanut butter, put the peanuts in a food processor or grinder and run the chopped mixture through three or more times until it  is the consistency that you like. For creamy style peanut butter, chop up the peanuts in a blender.
3. Add about one to two tablespoons of cooking oil in small amounts and regrind or blend the mixture until the peanut butter is the familiar paste consistency.

And mom says, in case you do not know what is muscovado, it is a type of unrefined brown sugar with a strong molasses flavor. Consumer interest in healthy and organic foods created new interest in using muscovado sugar from refined sugar.

Happy peanut butter making guys!

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