Jo’s Inato lunch

It’s been ages since I last ate at this place. I still remember the last time that I had lunch here with colleagues from eTelecare. We didn’t like the “Tinola”, it was like they just poured boiled water into an already cooked fish and served it. But today, boyfriend decided to have lunch there and since he was paying I could not be choosy.

We ordered lumpia shanghai, sweet & sour – pork, grilled paa with rice, halohalo in buko, buko juice, sprite and four seasons. Waiting time was not bad, we waited for around 20 minutes while enjoying their wifi (password by the way is pechopaa). Although the other table waited for more than 30 minutes for their order. For everything that we ordered, we only paid P497. It was an “okay” lunch, but still not very satisfied.

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