Kalikaf lunch date!

Supposedly on RD today and was working on my online job but got called in at work because one of the agents was having issues with Express Talk. One of the disadvantages of this job is being called to the office when you just were starting to get your day settled in. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Ended up having lunch at Kalikaf at Rob. Wasn’t my first choice actually but Hukad, Dong Juan and Mooon Cafe were jampacked so we decided to try Kalikaf which was literally deserted. 
Food was actually okay. And their wifi was great! We ordered their Organic chicken adobo and sizzling tenderloin steak, garlic and brown rice and avocado shake. One serving of their viand is good enough for 2 people. And they didn’t put sugar in their avocado shake which was good. All in all, we paid around 700 bucks. Not bad actually but they still would not be my first choice. 

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